Evaluating The Health & Performance of Your Favorite Charity

In my discussions with philanthropists about their previous giving experiences, I often ask how they determined if the recipient organizations were healthy and high performing. The answers often include, “I didn’t really know” or “I trusted them because so-and-so served on the board”, or “they’ve been around for years”, etc.

Now, imagine someone asked that same question about an investment firm. I assure you, the aforementioned answers would be entirely unacceptable.

For strategic philanthropists who approach charitable giving like investing, having evidence that an organization is high performing and healthy is critical to decision-making. No savvy investor would choose to back a company without research.  And likewise, no savvy donor makes a major investment in an organization prior to conducting a thorough analysis.

The most complete and predictive evaluations of non-profit organizations are conducted by professional and experienced researchers. They understand the non-profit sector and employ proven methods to analyze key characteristics of high performing and healthy organizations.

Focusing on an organization’s overall health and performance, not just the financials, ensures a holistic assessment of its ability to deliver and sustain desired impact over time.

Using third party evaluations from professional researchers provides donors with conflict-free evidence that informs their giving decisions and increases the potential for maximum philanthropic impact.

If you want to learn more about how evaluations can take your philanthropy to the next level, let’s talk!




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